Thursday, December 20, 2007

Identity crisis? no way!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Identity crisis? no way!

heya! lock in for another random "how it's been" ride, if that's something that might hold your attention for a few.

In my last "life here is random" letter I failed to mention my door crisis. For the past 4 weeks, the door to my classroom has not been able lock, and for the past 2 weeks it hasn't even been able to close. Lovely. In a country full of thieves, where we have bars over all our windows, that was lovely. I got to play the patience game, and then William (henceforth referred to as My Hero) swooped in to save the day. Rumor has it he might install my white board one of these days too! What more can a girl ask for?!?

So my weekend. Friday was nice, I wasn't as exhausted as I usually am. I have been pondering whether or not I am doing a decent job in the classroom - being real critical of why I do things and how I do them, you know? Those six hours each day just FLY by, and I want to be making the best use of our time... (If anyone has discovered the secret of life in 6th grade, please fill me in!) Fun times at potluck... Jessica came over afterwords to watch a flick, but, being the old ladies, Charisa, Jessica and I all fell asleep by 10:30 and had to save the end of the flick till later.

Saturday... I decided that Saturdays are perfect if you are doing the opposite of whatever you did for the previous weekend. Last weekend I went to Dedza with the ladies, so this weekend I kicked it at the convent. I walked and podcasted, then set up camp on my khonde (porch) and read an entire kid's novel (an accomplishment for me, ok?!?) before noon. Good thing, because I need to start it with my kids MAWA (tomorrow!) In the afternoon, Annie and Megan came up to bake a pumpkin pie!! We baked the pumpkin and made the crust... No Costco and no can-openers for the pie, baby! Finally, I spent the evening watching a High School Musical marathon with Janelle and the Dehnerts for my sweet Janellie's 10th b-day. Love them!

My friend Alex (AKA The Band - apparently I like naming guys around here!) rocked CCBC this morning, and when I got home, A&M came back up for more kitchen time. We did our pie soufflé style (read: YUM) and had leftover pumpkin to make some pumpkin bread. After a picnic on my new bed (2 twins pushed together = a king = plenty of room for all of us to lounge and play!) we sang some Christmas carols and wrote special Life at ABC Lyrics for The 12 Days of Christmas - hilarious, I must say!!

No ultimate today, as bonding with the ladies took precedence, so I made it to chapel on time for once! Sean, who will pastor the Flood Malawi church, spoke about enduring discipline; good stuff! the ladies came back up to the top of the hill for some sufficiently cooled pie - DELISH! yeah man! and THAT'S why you can call me BETTEY now!! Betty, as in, Ms. Crocker! hehe! We watched a flick and I actually graded papers through it - I can never multi-task that way!

After John Nash got the Nobel Prize, the party was over, but I knew of another party... on the 5th try, Global phone connected me with all my extended family at their pre-turkey day bash. It was a regular old "Pass-the-Lisa" and I was thankful to talk to everyone!

So ahh... yes, random and pointless, but here's the thing... I like my life here. I'm thankful for my kids, even when they drive me crazy and I stay up late lesson planning and grading papers. and even when they call my cell phone to find out what page the math homework was on. Sheesh! ;) I like my friends here (though I MISS YA'LL!!!!!!!!) and I must say that rocking the convent is pretty fun. (The convent, by the way, is my house... My roommate is a single 30 year old and we live next door to a 40 year old single woman whose adopted daughter is in my profile pic - Caroline is the most precious 2 year old on the face of the planet!!!! Anyway, I probably committed myself to a lifetime of being a single missionary when I moved in here, but I'm discovering that's not such a bad thing after all... you can't spend 4 hours reading on the khonde and have the girls over to bake all day when you aren't rocking the convent, you know!)

And with that... another arduous week begins in about 4 hours. Why the heck must I stay awake so long on Sunday evenings, anyway?!? Good thing I have imported Dew! ;)

* a new newsletter in your e-mail; send me your e-mail address if I don't have it! You can laugh at what a dork I am along with the rest of everyone! and this one is in a new format so I don't think I can blog it.
*I was excited by a devo from staff meeting a while ago... I'm gonna write it out into a devotional article somethingrather and blog it. tight.
*when I figure out how to, I'll let you listen to my kiddos; I recorded them reading James and it's pretty sweet to listen to! especially because of their accents, hehe! ;)

OK - lesson planning time! Tionana Mawa, my friends!

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