Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sapitwa! (and a shout out to my Feej friends!) and a J.O. quote. :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sapitwa! (and a shout out to my Feej friends!) and a J.O. quote. :)

My Mulanje is the third highest mountain in Africa, and guess who got to spend some quality time there this weekend?!!? yours truly! Ari and I headed off with the Byerlys for a little bit of March Maddness fun... These highlights will in NO way capture the amaingness of the trip, but hey I've got to try...!

1. Mrs B's directions to get out of Lilongwe "the back way" turned out to be the crazy way!! The guard said "take this road, and go, go, go!" and another guy told us to "follow any car!" yeah that's Malawi for ya!

2. Mulanje is LARGE AND IN CHARGE.

3. Whatever the say, don't drink the water.

4. Ari fell. Often. Good times!

5. Sapitwa means "don't go there" in Chichewa. So we didn't. (rain rain, go away, come again another day!)

6. Never the less, dang it was beautiful there!! (see pix for a glimpse) then think about sunsets there. then think about the full moon there. then think about the face of the mountain glowing in the moonlight all night long. (How did I know it glowed all night long? refer back to #3. awesome.)

7. We didn't need 4 kilos of rice. (translation - my pack never got any lighter. Good thing I "get buff just by lying around" as Joel says, hehe!)

8. 18 hours of hiking = a lot of time to think! (the following is a tribute to my Feej friends!) - WOW do you guys ever stop to think about our trek?!!? Yeah!! Awesome!! Sean and Becca, thanks for all the work you put into that! Friends - thanks for being patient with me when I was not in love with the trek! Sutt - thanks for being a juke box! Karla, thanks for face planting!! Josh - thanks for being a mule, and a really encouraging one at that! Anneliese - thanks for reading the Word with such joy and enthusiasm! Apa, thanks for saving Deanna's life! Deanna, thanks for having long hair! Heidi, thanks for your strength! Charlotte, thanks for your consistency! Romero, thanks for playing trump ten even on the treck! Mo, thanks for rockin it all the time! Kanski duo, thanks for sharing the journey, thanks for kung fu fighting down those slippery slopes! Gus, gus, gus... (Gus needs a myspace!!) Gus, I love you man! Thanks for wearing combat boots and carrying a sele levu everywhere! thanks for jumping off waterfalls! thanks for the paw paw! Tagimoucia, thanks for blooming on our schedule. Hey guys, when do we get to do it again?!!?

9. we kept a captian's log. heck yes! Too bad it's only funny to us... that's OK... (what time is it?!!?)

You know, Africa is pretty cool...Yeah, I guess The Big Guy knows whats up...! :)

ooh random - found this today: What God does with us while we wait is as important as what it is we are waiting for. It is part of the process of becoming what God wants us to be. -John Ortberg.

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