Thursday, December 20, 2007

So maybe I won’t be home for Christmas, but...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So maybe I won’t be home for Christmas, but...

1) you know you teach in Africa when one of your students lists "electricity" as an ingredient to make milk shakes!

2) I am not best friends with my family, but I have found myself really missing them during this holiday season. So... what to do about that? Ok - this is dorky, but here's what I came up with:

* As a single woman, I'm "married to Jesus" right? ha. anyway, when you're married, you split the holidays between the two families, right? So this year, I"m spending the holidays with "His side of the family." See, I told you it was dorky!!

* Hey - what's a life motto good for if you don't ever use it?!? If I say my life is about True Love & High Adventure, I better darned well be facing this current challenge - Christmas away from home - with an attitude of True Love (I love that I am exactly where God wants me just now!) and High Adventure (What could be more of an adventure than Christmasing with a new family in a new country?!?)

So, we'll see how that goes. Also, we'll see how potluck goes on Friday night. It's my turn to plan it, (it = potluck meal for nearly 70 people) so I've decided that this week, the theme will be "Feliz Cumpleanos de Jesus!" Care to join us for some fiesta casserole, churros and more?!? If it goes over as well as the dinner that I cooked for the Moffetts tonight, I'll be a happy lady!

3) I am thankful for the rain, and praying against the return of the mullett!! :) and I miss you... Enjoy a cup of Christmas from your local starbucks for me, ok? because I would if I could! (it's the simple things right?!?)

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