Wednesday, December 19, 2007

in honor of the internet that was installed here today!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

in honor of the internet that was installed here today!

This blog is in honor of the fellas who came to our house today to set up the wi fi - hooray!!

So I live in Africa, and about the only time it feels like I'm worlds away is when I go grocery shopping. This is the way they said it would be, though. True Malawi experiences will come slowly, but for now my ABC bubble is fine, while I settle in...

I spent my first week in Africa sleeping in and working in my classroom!! Things are hardly complete in there, but God has given me a peace that things will fall into place when they need to, even though they may not be in place for Day 1. I'm really excited to meet my students, the three that I have met are pretty rad, (one of my students lives next door to me, crazy hu?!!?) The highlight of each day here so far has been going over to a different family's home for dinner each night, it's been a rad way to get to know people here and hey the food's been great too! There are a lot of people who I am going to be able to learn from around here, and that's exciting...!

Today was rad because when I woke up, I had no plans, nada... by the end of the day, I had internet installed in my house and a new sim card for my phone (08 - 211 - 022!) I had lunch and dinner with fun people, and, though I nearly died laughing on the way there because it was Ari's first time driving on the left (my job was to say "my side my side!" and not freak out if she needed to drive off the edge of the road for a little while!) we went to play Ultimate Frisbee at another school and that was a blast. Hooray for Saturdays, let's vote that they happen more often, yes?!!?

SO... the big news is that CLASS BEGINS on MONDAY!! 7:15a my time, 9:15p on Sunday if you're on the west coast. You should pray for my class... you know, since God hears our prayers and all that jazz! It's pretty much the most exciting thing on the face of the planet to me that something I have dreamed about since I was in FIRST GRADE - that's 18 years ago, my friends! - is actually becoming a reality!! I'm going to be a real teacher! with my own classroom!! this should be a wild ride...!

So of course there's that to look forward to, and continuing to get to know the families around here. I get to go hold aids babies soon - I hung out with Florence this week in the clinic, she's a year old and she has HIV, but she's super cute and, as I discovered, very tickelish!! and that was a really special time...

thanks for keeping in touch, it means the world to me! I'll get pix up soon... be blessed, my friends!! We've got it good, so good...

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