Thursday, December 20, 2007

just a little summer update :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

just a little summer update :)

Happy August, friends and family! August has always been my favorite month of the year, and this year itpromises to be a crazy August yet again. But silly me, I've alreadyjumped ahead...

In June, my students and I said good by to 5th grade and 'tionana', or 'see yousoon' to one another. I had a minor 35 hour commute home from work,and much to the surprise of my family, showed up at home in sunny SanDiego! I slept for nearly a week straight, then got busy withappreciating America!

VBS atPaseo Del Rey was so rad to be a part of this summer!! I was thankfulto be able to be around for it. I accepted Christ 20 years ago at thissame VBS, so I admit that part of it was a bit nostalgic! Visitingwith people I haven't seen in way too long was refreshing andencouraging, and get this: The kids at the VBS helped to raise over$600 for me and my kids in Africa! I plan to use this money toencourage my 6th graders to be involved in meaningful relationalministry with the children at the orphan home we work with. I thinkthe best part of VBS, however, was a chance to talk to the kids there about being in ministry, and what it might look like for them some day. I'm always blown away by how much potential is in a room when kiddos are gathered together!

After VBS, I hit the road! After driving in Malawi, our freeways here are a piece of cake and Iappreciate the rest and relaxation they provided me! Anyway, I feelstrongly about the fact that what I am a part of in Malawi is just ONEpiece of the bigger picture of what God is up to throughout the world. Being able to catch up with friends and family, and be involved intheir lives again, if even for a day or so, has been such ablessing!!! Friends, we know so many cool people!!! It'sbeen incredible to see God slowly provide for various aspects ofpreparing to live and teach in Malawi again, and I'm trusting God thateventually all the little details will be taken care of. One observation I can share with assurance is that the blessed people are the generous people. It's more fun that way, too!

Now, with less than 2 weeksuntil I fly away, I am savoring my car, consistent electricity, thesea breeze, and my the company of family while all this is stillavailable, however, my mind is more and more in Malawi! Curriculum,workshops, supplies, lesson plans, books, activities, and mostly my student's bright faces remind me of why another plane ride and all the challenges of daily life in Malawi will be worth it.

I would like to invite you to makethis adventure worth it to you too. When you choose to support myministry at ABC Christian Academy through praying for and/or paying forthis, you are reaching a community of 250 international students andtheir families. I wish you could meet these families! My student's parents are missionaries, doctors, relief or aid workers,diplomats, ambassadors, and local Malawian business people. Onenoteworthy family is the the Young family, from New Zealand. Jim'swork involves helping churches in the villages surrounding Lilongwe,and Diane is a doctor at the ABC Community Clinic. Robert is theoldest of their three children, and they sent me this letter to share with you:

We have been so grateful to have Lisa as the 5th gradeteacher since January. Our son Robert had been unhappy since our arrival backin Malawifor our second term of missionary service. Robert was having a hard timeadjusting to being back and was miserable at school. We prayed hard for someoneto come and replace the 5th grade teacher who had to return home dueto health reasons. Well, Lisa was such an answer to prayer. I remember pickingRobert up from school after his first day with Miss Kowowski and he was buzzingwith news of his day. He was really enjoyed school since Lisa took over theclass and has had fun learning this year.

We are thrilled to know that Lisa is planning to return toABC for the 2007- 08 year and will again be Robert's teacher for 6thgrade. We appreciate her input for Robert and the way she has helped him adjustto being back in Malawi.Lisa's coming has really helped our family in our mission service here through her help to Robert.

From the Young family.

As you praythrough the coming weeks, please remember my students and I, and praythat our school year will begin with lots of joy and momentum! Also,please consider being a monthly financial supporterof this ministry. Your support provides for my daily life in Lilongwe,and none of my ministry there would be possible without you. I amgreatly encouraged by those of you who have already committed to makethis next year happen for my students and I, and I'm confidant that youwill be blessed by your giving. As we say in Malawi, Zikomo Kwambire! Thank you very much!

Well, friends and family, tionana, and I look forward to hearing from you! Because of His Goodness, Lisa Kowalski

Please pray: *that travel and adjustment will go well over the next few weeks;*that $800 per month would come in to cover expenses; *that mystudents will grow into young men and women who will make a differencein the world; *for strength and wisdom to make the most of daily lifein Lilongwe!

Please pay: Checks can be made out to African Bible College, with 'Lisa Kowalski'as the memo, and sent to African Bible College, Inc. PO Box 103,Clinton, MS 39060. You can also donate through the link on the rightside of Please be sure to specifythat it is for a missionary, Lisa Kowalski.

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