Thursday, December 20, 2007


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


allow me to describe my not-favorite part of my life in Malawi to you. It's somethin we've dubbed "being malawied" and it's when things don't work for you just because you live here. The most common examples are the internet (which im so thankful for!) going out temporarily, or, as happened this week, permenantly. You see, all the power outtages we've been having (another example of being malawied) caused the surge protector AND the other important somethingrather to BLOW UP. so, until the parts come from Belgium (ha) it's off to the Korean Garden resturant for us if we want internet. Which is fine, but now my own e-mail account won't work!! This is a case of being malawied CUBED. :) and guess who is learning about patience these days...!?! So if you've e-mailed, I haven't got it. If you've called, ooh yeah, the cell tower BURNED a few weeks back so all of Lilongwe's cell phones are, you know, malawied... it's awesome. To add insult to misery (haha don't worry i'm just being dramatic, it's theraputic for some reason!) the ladies I live with in the old folks home, otherwise known as house#5, know me well enough to know which buttons to push when, and it seems it's Patsy's hobby to push them. cool. She eats my food without asking, and gets of my case for the stuff in the fridge that's not mine. ooh yeah! the fridge! what, malawied?!? yeah. Every time the power goes out... thats right, no bueno for the casserole that Pat's going to eat anyway.
in other news, I'm lookin into round trip tickets... why, again?!!? *sigh* ooh yeah I love my students...

(dont worry i'm fine, just bummed... e-mails mean so much when you're all so far away and I miss you...maybe it's time for a return to march maddness after all...)

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