Thursday, December 20, 2007

just a little update-ish-ness

Thursday, March 29, 2007

just a little update-ish-ness

Hi friends!

I realized that my last blog was a bit of a downer, and although I still get malawied, it's not as bad as it was that week. (Although, last night I did find myself eating a hamburger at a Korean resturant and I think the people at the table next to us said "gracias". Malawi is so random sometimes!)

So... the first term (my first term) here is over today. Only 5 more to go! That's right... yesterday I told my students about some changes that are going on in the middle school here, and they becam concerned with who their teacher would be... one student asked if it would be me... I told them yes...and they erupted in cheers!! It had to have been my most incredible moment as a teacher... SOme of them were still confused - "You mean, Ms. Kowalski is gonna stay... and teach us... in 6th grade?!?" "yes!" wow. Anyway, after that we had our class party - such a blast! I'll be postin pix soon - good stuff, let me tell you!

But ahh... let's see, what else is going on... I am moving out of the rest home and into a house that just Ari and I will be living in for the rest of this year. Praying that I'll get to live at "the top of the hill" next year, so I can still live close to the Dehnerts!! I'm really looing forward to (hopefully!) a summer in CA (with time in AZ, OR and CO hopefully!! and perhaps a few weeks in FL...) I miss starbucks... I finally have a few friends (sort of) my age around here, and I have a few short trips lined up for spring break, woot woot. But not being at my Aunt's house for Easter will be hard, I think this is the first major holiday that I've missed. (Well, thanksgiving while I was in the Feej, but my fam wasn't even with our extended fam so it only sort of counted.)

So ahh... not uch else to say, other than I'm blessed to be here and blessed to know YOU! :) peace out, yo.

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