Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mercy Me

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mercy Me

they said that the skies here would remind me of God's glory, and boy do they ever! I think Ari gets sick of hearing me say "wow look at that cloud!" but what can I say - the sky here is huge, the clouds are amazing... I'm teaching my kids to write with "rich words" right now but I can't even think of the right words to describe their glory to you... photos wouldn't even do them justice (the clouds not my kids, haha!)

So, that being said, it was another sunny day and there was no way I could stay inside for volleyball, so I found myself walking up and down the hill, wrapped in the glory of the open skies here... thinking about my friend who is on the other side of the clouds right now...

I'm super bummed that I didn't bring the video I have, if I had it I would watch it, shed a tear or two, and probably not need to blog this. But it's not with me, and all I have are my memories, my thoughts... good memories, good thoughts... it's hard to be the only one here who knows; I could really use a Hammer or a J or an R or a Ghostrider these days, just for a hug and the comfort hey provide without even trying, just by being themselves and knowing and not needing the explanations and such. anyway, i'm here, 3 years later, and it's good, it's good, it's good... (I love the Dehnerts)

I remember protein burgers at newport, the hot sand, the overwhelming beauty of the afternoon. Softball and Dr Pepper; we all sat down! Yosemite, Death Valley, the games, the moonshine. "step on up the microphone" haha. hanging out at the info desk together, or in the library, or in various dorm rooms and apartments. His joy, his smile – everyone remembered his smile! I'm teaching my kids about your "inner character" and his was definitely one of love and warmth, what an example for us all.

I'll cry a little, I already have, but there will be joy too… Joy in knowing that we'd still be friends if he were around, that he'd be stoked that I'm here and that I get to go climb a mountain in a few weeks, among other things. Joy in knowing that he'd be right in the middle of doing what he loves, too… last night I was in a conversation with some of the guys here about how great it was to watch people who were really good at their craft, whatever it was. So it would be awesome to see now… alas, he's now climbing Bigger Mountains than I'll probably get to see for a while… (yes, I wonder how much of this is silly clich├ęs that we tell ourselves to make it easier for us to comprehend… bottom line, he's in the midst of Pure Glory right now, and I get glimpses of that glory when the sun sets like it did this evening… and I'm thankful…)

Pray special prayers today, my friends… pray special ones for your special ones… Remember that nothing can seperate us from the love of God...

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