Thursday, December 20, 2007

thanksgiving shopping, malawi style. :(

Saturday, November 24, 2007

thanksgiving shopping, malawi style. :(

Hello blog buddies. I'm writing this on Friday night, but who knows when I'll get to post it – ever since the internet here Malawied all of you by sending my support letter approximately one million times, it's been out, *sigh* there's more to life than connection with the outside world, I guess!

So – Thursday – I think I blogged that morning as I was getting ready to go to school for international day. The big surprise when I got to school a few minutes after clicking "post blog" was this: my camera had been stolen! L-A-M-E!!! Turns out that somebody has been using the locked closet in my classroom as their personal shopping mall… My camera is usually at my house with me, but I had taken it to school on Wednesday to get some shots of my new bulletin board (dorky teacher, I know I know!) and I left it there, knowing I'd want photos from International day the next day. Well, seeing as how I discovered news approximately 2 minutes before all my kids came in, I spent a good part of the morning trying not to cry in front of them! I know it's just a camera, I know it's not the end of the world, but none the less, I felt violated; severely wronged. Arg! Anyway, that, plus the fact that it was Thanksgiving and I was not able to be with my family (as crazy as they are, yeah, I still miss being around them sometimes. go figure!) , made Thursday my second 'I Really Don't Like Malawi Today' day this year. (hey, 2 days in 3 ½ months, that's not too bad, right?)

Thankfully, today was better. I slept till 10:am, thanks in part to staying up late baking bread with the girls, and in part to my best friend, Tylenol PM. I spent the day cleaning up the kitchen then making a mess again. I baked some dinner rolls that ended up being a hit at potluck tonight! Ms. Spencer said "I'm just surprised that a single can bake like this!" as if, what, you only learn this stuff once you've got a ring on your finger?!? ha! Anyway, that, and the fact that we all dressed up (not necessary, but sort of fun, since nice things like this don't happen all too often around here) made our Thanksgiving Potluck pretty swell. There were a few pangs of I-miss-being-at-my-Aunt's- house-with-my-family, but I can't complain. I have it pretty good here, and I knew that being here would mean sacrificing special things like being home for the holidays. Ooh, by the way, my brother is getting married in January. Know where I'll be? Not on the white sands of Casa de Somethingrahter, Mexico, with the bride, groom, nephew, and the rest of the fam… I'll be here, waiting for the photos. Cool.

So ahh… yeah. Keep me in mind during this holiday season, por favor. I am OOBER thankful that this season will NOT be one of mass consumerism-mania, but I'd like to think that the crazy catholic polish church on Rose Drive in Fullerton will miss me on Christmas eve, because I'll miss it… God sets the lonely in families, and we're gearing up for a Dehnert & Moffet & Lisa lake trip for Christmas so it's not like I'll be all on my lonesome or anything.

Tomorrow we're venturing to the northern part of Malawi to check out a campground that I've been hearing good things about… 6th grade camp, possibly?!? Time will tell! Tionana, my friends!

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