Thursday, December 20, 2007

this isn't an april fool's day joke!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

this isn't an april fool's day joke!

Hello everyone!!

Well, as winter approaches here in Malawi, I'd like to wish you all a happy spring! I have completed teaching my first term (quarter) here, and I'm thankful to have two weeks off for Easter Break!! I don't' have big plans other than hiking a mountain (just a day trip, this one is not the 3rd largest in Africa so it should be a little easier than hiking Mulanje!) spending a few days at the lake, and Easter (my first one away from family at home, sad day!). Other than that, I have the last term of 5th grade to plan and prepare for, as well as... 6th grade...!

I found out that ABCCA is restructuring the middle school, and that 6th grade next year will be in one classroom with one teacher, rather than switching teachers for each subject. Let me tell you, when I found out that I could stick around and teach my students for another year, I knew I was in trouble... I prayed about it a ton - "God, what are you thinking?!? I was planning on going home.. how will this ever work out...?!?" But I know that I need to be here, so ahh, 6th grade, here I come! My kids were thrilled about it when I broke the news to them, haha, it was one of my happiest moments here so far, but I wonder if they will still feel that way when it comes time for 6th grade homework, dun dun dun! ;)

With this new decision comes a host of new prayer requests: Join me in praying for how in the world it will work out, financially, for me to be here another year, please! ABC suggests that I raise a minimum of $800 / month to cover housing, insurance, transportation, food, etc, and so far that amount has been mostly adequate for my monthly needs here. It helps that there is no Starbucks around to indulge in grande decaf mocha frappachinos, amafagato style, when it's been a crazy day at school, but still, there are basic expenses involved with living anywhere, including Malawi. Then, well, I'd really like to go home this summer, to see family and friends and prepare to be here for another year. (ok, ok, I want to get a mocha while I'm home, too! It's the little things that you miss when you're away for so long!) I can get round trip tickets for about $2,300, so if you're a fan of helping out with that, I would really appreciate it. Lastly, please pray for my students and I - a year and a half is a long time to be stuck with each other! Pray that I will be an effective communicator of their academic disciplines, as well as the truths of God. I have a wide variety of learners in my class, and I need wisdom for every day that their education is in my hands!

I want to close with heartfelt gratitude for the ways in which you have made the first leg of this adventure possible. I feel blessed to be in a position where I can support missionary families in their work by providing a quality education for their children! Also, as I am living in the 4th poorest country in the world, poverty is not something that is only on the TV screen for me (wait, what TV?!? haha.) Anyway, people live drastically different lives from you and I just minutes from where I live. I love that I am able to meet some of these people and develop meaningful relationships with them. Just this week, I found out that all the clothes that a family I know here owned, save what was drying on the line, were burned in a fire that thankfully didn't take their whole home. Well, through the money you have sent to support me here, I was able to take Dora and Jackie to the market and let them pick out their new wardrobes. It was a morning well spent, so here's a big THANK YOU from Dora and I. It meant a lot to her, I know. :)

I've got new photos up on myspace as well as at . They're mostly of my students! (That jumping castle, oddly enough, is about a fifth of the price to rent here as it would be in the states! Of course, my students really enjoyed their surprise class party!) Feel free to check them out anytime, I think they're awesome, but then again, I'm biased! And with that, please keep in touch, enjoy Easter, pray for me when you think of it, and, if I get a flight home for the summer, maybe I'll see you then!

Because of His goodness, Lisa#2

snail mail address:

Lisa c/o ABC Academy
PO Box 1028
Lilongwe, Malawi

support address:
Please include my name in the memo of any one time or monthly support checks, and send them to

ABC Home Offices
5343 Clinton Blvd.
Jackson, MS 39209

By the way, thanks. a lot. :)

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